(English) Egypt from inside

When I was in Egypt 2 yrs ago it was totally different travelling style comparing to December 2010 trip I’ve just come back.

Last time it was going sightseeing, feeling impressed, or even a little bit depressed by Cairo and its Pyramids but still inspired by Egyptian Museum and awesome beauty of the underwater like with its colorful fishes and corals. The impressions were fantastic like the first step of a little baby on the solid surface of the earth with its green fresh grass or hot sand of the Arabian Desert.

But now I touched the heart of Egypt from inside. I didn’t visit many places of interests, didn’t take the picture of the Sphinx and was too afraid of angry sharks to snorkle and dive all day long. However, I did like that trip so much that it cannot be compared to any other vacations I’ve ever gone in my life.

The secret of such fantastic impressions is Egyptian people I met and talked to, getting precious knowledge of their cherished dreams, cultural peculiarities, religious believes, life style and life feeling. I broke my stereotypes of scary Arabians who kidnap the women and sell them to oriental harems.

My common understanding of Egyptians who live in the desert and feed their children with sand and water were cruely broken of the new oriental world of this ancient culture. They still love the Desert and know how to survive in sandystorm. Moreover, they make the tourists’ dreams come true managing the extreme motosafari tours in between marveous mountains of the desert canyon.

However, the present Egyptians are brave and hardworking people who follow their heart and dreams, speak 3-5 foreign languages, drive fashionable cars and amusing camels and make magician coctails out of nothing :).

The Egyptians masterly balance inside their lifestyle the natural beauty of the Red Sea and high tech of fashionable hotels.

Besides, they succesfully combine true belief in God and practical life style with 13 hrs working day and half night dancing afterwards to express their crazily vivid emotions and deep feelings of love and friendship. BTW, The Muslims and the Christians are on friendly terms with each other in contrary to all the rest of teh world.

The men kiss and hug each other when meeting after long working day to have a shisha smoke and enjoy the belly dance in the Oriental Theater «1001 Nights».

Many of them still live big families of 15-20 relatives in one house, celebrating happy birthdays of numerous uncles and nieces, sorowing about funerals of the old grannies altogether. They can qaurel of moral principles with all the heart and promise each other with all their soul. Nevertheless, their sons live their lives far from the home town, earning money by the own in tourism to pay their high education and achieve their dream to travel to Europe and see the world.

Egyptian women are not just housewives anymore. They of course work nearby ther family and home, taking care of their children and cooking dinners for their husbands. But they can build their personal careers on full-time employment almost equally to their men.

Due to numerous invasions of different cultures, you can meet an Egyptian with burning fires of brown eyes full of Italian passion and love, soft golden skin of honey color and fantastically curly dark hair. Just nearby another Egyptian wear his light european hair and sky blue eyes hiding mysteries of  the deep sea water.

Emotional like Italians, sensual like French, cheerful like Arabians and enigmatic like true Egyptian. These wonderful people have got incredibly ancient roots originating from the heart of the Arabian Desert revealing its true beauty on the sunset.

So, I didn’t take any fantastic tours to see the outside beauty of Egypt. I gained knowledge and feeling of its life values not even leaving the hotel. I learned the Egypt just from inside of Egyptian soul that can be willingly open to those who are ready not only to listen to but hear its delicate and sacred melody.

The true Egypt is open to those who can say «shokran» from the bottom of their heart as if thanking God for giving you life. I was lucky to feel the harmony of this nation and take a piece of this tranquility inside my anxious soul.

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