(English) Good Practices of Retrospective and Ball Point Game

August,  4 in Dnepropetrovsk office of Ciklum its 2 Technical Consultants shared their collection of good practices of Scrum Retrospective.

Around 15 attendees knew how to work with excessive emotionality at retrospective meeting or overcome such issue as no actions after.  Among the most interesting retrospective approaches Alexandr Lutsaevsky ( CSC from Kharkov office) mentioned the following ones:

  • 6 Thinking Hats
  • Spider Web
  • Appreciative Retrospective
  • Top 5
  • Start/Stop/Continue/
  • More/Less
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Pomodoro Retrospective
  • Question Retrospective
  • Planning Actions Retrospective

The more detailed presentation is available for review here.

After introduction into theory of retrospective, Vadim Tikanov (CSC from Dnepropetrovsk office) inflamed the audience with Ball Point Game which gave a splendid opportunity to try some retrospective techniques in practice just in between 2 minutes game tracks.

The cheerful team of 11 ball players felt the taste of solid teamwork. In 5 iterations they raised their performance 3 times: from initial 63 to final 184 score points.

At the end of the game Vadim Tikanov initiated the Team Brainstorm to analyze the playing process altogether and make the relative conclusions on what went well and what went worse and why. That was a sort of retrospective of retrospectives.

To reproduce the game in its most bright moments, please follow the photo album here.