Agile thinkers and Scrum followers in DP

23rd of October, 2010 was a special day for IT managers, Scrum practinioners and Software developers of DP city who think, work and live in Agile. Tim Yevgrashyn — an experienced Scrum master and practicing manager, a talented Scrum coach and Agile trainer conducted a fantastic training session:  «Flexible requirement management in Agile».

The event gathered 18 participants in Business Center «Stupeni» of DP city who came to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in talking to their clients and team members on requirements and transforming them into the real user stories :). Divided into several teams the guys played in imitation of process modelling, wrote non-functional requirements and exercised in role playing, fruitful brainstorming and team work. Training activities were very dynamic and involved attendants into a number of intensive business games targeted to negotiating requirements etc. Participants tried their hand in different styles of communication on requirements having fun of making coloured ORIGAMI :) Besides, they mastered new technique of  prototyping  creating imagenary «software» product out of Balloons :)

The curious audience learned to differentiate use cases and user stories  and estimate the tasks in userpoints but not in hours. The new approach opened the eyes on feasibility of iterative approach and fantastic flexibility of requirement management processed in Agile. Dear participants, you are heartily welcome to share your feedback and impressions of the attended training following the link. In November we are looking forward to Tim in DP city again. Please register to his training in advance. The topic is extremely interesting — «Team work in Agile».