Agile Club in DP

DP city tends to be a Center of Agile traditions and Scrum approach. The topic gains more and more popularity and gathers Agile thinkers and followers together again.

This time the informal meeting will take place in BeerHouse cozy restaurant with 20+ attendants interested in Flexible development and Agile driven by their nature :) The start time is 7 p.m.

Initiators of the event are Agile trainers and coaches Alexey Krivitsky and Nataliya Trenina who plan to visit Dnepr on regular basis with their outstanding workshops, educational and coaching sessions in frames of Agile practice.

Organizer is Eugene Orlovsky who is known among IT specialists of DP for his high level expertize in programming and successful Scrum implementation within his projects.

An active partial sponsor of Agile community is Ciklum presented by Olga BakeyevaCoordinator of IT communities in DP and Recruitment Lead in Ciklum DP Branch.

Let’s have fun altogether tomorrow and discuss our Club active life and plan the future activities for next months!!!

If you are still not registered at the Agile Club gathering, follow us here. Number of places is limited — 25 attendants maximum for this time. Later on everybody above that is welcome :)

  • Гость

    Реклама самой себя :-)

    • Аноним

      В том числе. И еще пиар как минимум трех человек, плюс всех участников мероприятия 😉

  • Victor Malyi

    О, у нас есть координатор — Coordinator of IT communities in DP :)
    Как-то, Ольга, вы забыли упомянуть в списке тех самых сообществ днепропетровских тестировщиков — :) :) :)

    Виктор Малый

    • Аноним

      Как только я попаду на ваш сешин и смогу активно участвовать в вашей деятельности, я начну писать и о вас.
      Я только за!!! В должность координатора айти комьюнитис я вошла совсем недавно, потому потихоньку буду со всеми знакомиться и встречаться.
      Когда у вас следующая встреча?

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