A fairy city of St.Petersburg!!!

As I promised before, I got back! I returned from the traveling through the old dream-city – a homeland of Russian culture and history – St.Petersburg!

I visited a number of different places of interest on staying at this fairy-like city for 6 days. And so many places I left not visited yet, so many beautiful locations stayed out of my attention and astonishment as time is running so rapidly and comes to end so fast…

The weather was surprisingly sunny for the first 3 days of our tour through the northern capital of Russia! Later I had a chance to familiarize with traditional thunderclouds and heavy rainfall of the city on the Neva – the River which stroke my imagination by its tremendous power and fascination. Those mythical storms started and ended 10 times a day changing the bright and inviting sun that reflected from the shining golden domes of fantastic cathedrals and churches.

The Petropavlovsk fortress could be seen by its broach practically from any location of the city reminding its inhabitants and visitors about the history of the times when Russian Tsars governed the country. The prison of the place where political criminals were under life sentence, made me feeling of immersion into the atmosphere of penal servitude. All the environment was created in details: I searched for exit from the building that is now a famous museum for rather a long time. It appeared very scary to feel “ imprisoned” in those depressive walls; perhaps the workers play little jokes on tourists closing doors and changing signs for us to feel fun in finding the way out. We were so happy to see the bracing day light again!!!

The Peterhof – is a true Garden of Eden with prosperous fountains rich in their shapes and concepts.

They stroke my imagination by their sparkling golden statues-angels.

The marvelous embankment of the Gulf of Finland opens a splendid promenade for dozen of just married couples who leisurely walk through the public green space full hidden trails and adorable glades that give exciting looks for magic wedding photos. Gorgeous costume of bridegroom and fancy princely fiancée’ s cloths come in unison with royal surroundings of the Peter’ s Summer Residence.

The Nevsky prospect is now quite similar to a modern avenue with various boutiques and trading centers. However, it looks very nontrivial and particularly non-conventional at crossroads of water canals and littlerivers that we went boating on a soft and delicate wind that simultaneously awoke us by cool northern gusts and gently fondled us by warming sunny rays.

The Chizhik-Pyzhyk met us at the edge of a pavement reflecting in the silver surface of shining bottom. It reminds a mini version of the Mint whose natural floor was all around covered by coins left traditionally by millions of tourists.

The Kazansky Cathedral ‘s architecture is pretty like Senate. And its ancient style that is wisely not restored cast us in the old Rome Times..

The Spas-on-Blood is delightful by its vivid “ candles” of domes and mosaic decorations inside.

That is so incredible to imagine a risk of its destroying initiated by insane heads of municipal authorities who found it not having any cultural value!!! I cannot find such a word that will fully describe magnificence and splendor of this paradise on earth. What touched my imagination most of all is unbelievable results of mosaic masters who managed to embody greatness of spirit on hundreds of sacred images and dozens of bible scenes reconstructed of millions and millions of colored unsophisticated  mosaic parts set in a Venetian style.

The Hermitage Museum is a concentrate that make me feel giddy – so many masterpieces are collected in one building. That was uneasy for my head to understand all that variety of Art and perceive it by my unsophisticated mind that faced with the world of art in such scope for the first time in my life.

On visiting dozens of rooms with pictures, interiors, artifacts and many other little and big things I made the main conclusion for myself that I had never suspected in my mind before: from my point of view the true art is the art that excites a person without any minor explanations about history of a masterpiece and details of the creator’ s concept. An art can be named a masterpiece only if it is great in itself and beautiful for any person starting from a common, naïve and uneducated peasant and finishing by a professor of culture and arts. All the other works of the famous names in art world are just attempts to find some genius and reveal some poor talents inside. And only a few units become true masterpieces able to touch the deepest strings of our souls, the hidden thoughts of our mind and associated centers of the psyche of observer.

By the end of our travelling I asked myself the following question: “ Would I like to live in this city if I had a chance to move here and settle down in it?” My reply would not be unambiguous. However, I cannot say a brave “ Yes, I would” , as wherever I were and whatever I admired I still have a strong desire to come back home. Simple and native town with its outstanding DP streets attract me most of all. And my heart beat with a warm and sacred blood and gave me happy and cheerful feelings as soon as I left the airport and breathed the vital and lively air of my motherland I missed so much with all my grateful breast..

  • Kate

    Adorable city. Magic city. I love it.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to visit it 10-15 yrs and compare differences :)

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