Product Owner Game Follow-up

On the 2nd of June the 3rd Gathering of Dnepr PM Community was successfully held in Dnepr city.

23 persons from Ciklum and other IT companies of DP city had a very energetic meet-up focused on Product Owner Role in software development process.

Facilitator of this session, a Certified Product Owner and Scrum Master Vladimir Vorobyov (EDDA MEDIA) shared his success story of mastering a Product Owner role in his project and further coaching onshore manager to perform this role efficiently.

Firstly we all got on the same page by a brief fresh-up in Scrum process and its key stages, so some of the participants could structure their existent knowledge of Scrum and others could obtain a new vision of Scrum principles.

Then we got to the core topic of our gathering – a Product Owner Role in Scrum Process. A Product Owner was concluded to be arguably one of the most demanding roles in Scrum. Product Owner is responsible for the success of the project and is expected to lead the development effort by conveying the vision to the team. He is determined to help the team produce maximum business value.

After theoretical warming-up we all split up into 5 teams and actually started to play business game – Product Owner Game. Its focus was to try a Product owner role, feel and see the true cost of “cute” features production, understand the business value of technical decisions we usually make in software development process.

The teams played 5 sprints that step by step revealed the following core factors of successful project delivery:

– Optimal backlog prioritization

– Precise planning and estimation

– Dependencies resolving

– Maximizing the overall business value of delivered features

After each iteration, the audience actively shared their impressions and conclusions, made a concise retrospective to analyze their achievements and fails to make the next sprints more and more efficient.

As a result the teams got aware of business wise software development process,  learned how to gain income of every release and had true fun and drive of team spirit and synergy.

At the end of the day a team of young business ladies :) won the 1st prize (The gentelemen from their team left before their fancy victory!!!).

They made a really impressive profit of $304.500!!!!!

During the game all players definitely got an unbelievable drive. Hence, one idea arose this evening – to gather somewhere on nature this summer and launch a real 1 day contest by one more challenging business game (XP+PO game in one) to keep the fire on and on and on.

Dear PO Game participants, please fill in the feedback form for our next gatherings are even better.

If your need E-version of PO game materials, please skype/email me and it will be sent upon request within a couple of days.

  • Darya

    Looking forward for next games!